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pain is to retreat as far into the body as possible. Clearly, we were doing something right.
Finally, he was getting exhausted, and we thought it was time to give him a break. "Okay, tough guy. If can't get it out of
you with pain, then I guess I'll have to try something else. Geno, Mousey, cut him down!
Jim and Walter cut the ropes that loosely held Jack against the chainlink fencing. It didn't take long for him to slump to his
knees. He was sweating up a storm, but was still vibrating with excitement and arousal when I reached down and took his
head in my hands. I cradled it there gently for a few moments, and the turned it upwards, facing directly into my crotch.
"All righty, then, you think you're such a stud that even the juice won't get anything out of you, well, let's see just how well
you can suck cock, prettyboy."
Jack's body went rigid, and for a moment he resisted. During those few seconds, his lover stepped into my place, his cock
already out of his pants and very erect. He moved forward, pushing his dick into Jack's mouth. Jack was hesitant at first,
but relented and began going all the way down on his lover's cock. I stepped back and let him continue fantasizing that he
was being forced to give head to some strange mobster.
Jim, Walter and I watched the scene in awe. Jack was having a field day, and so was his lover. Before his lover came, he
pulled his cock out of Jack's mouth and shot his load down Jack's chest. Jack was stroking his own cock throughout it all,
and he exploded shortly afterward.
As Jack was catching his breath, his lover removed the blindfold from his eyes. Jack blinked and looked up, his face
showing both surprise and relief. "Merry Christmas, boy," his lover said through a thousand-watt smile. "Geno" and
"Mousey" and Jim and I joined them, pulling, out Christmas cookies and hot cocoa and pulling up seats together on the
floor, reminiscing about the hot scene we'd just played, a wonderfully seasonal ending to a fantastic night.
________________________________________________________________ _________________________________
Getting the Point
Equipment & Technique
After some deliberation, I decided to include this scene because of the growing popularity of temporary piercing, also
known as "play piercing." This is not intended as a step-by-step guide to this kind of play, but rather a glimpse at how
temporary piercing can be incorporated into cock and ball play to create an extraordinary scene. Having said this, I want to
make it clear that I recommend that you DO NOT try this yourself... at least until you have gotten some serious and
in-depth personal instruction from someone experienced in piercing and the precautions and procedures necessary to
minimize risks. This is why there is not a detailed equipment list or commentary for this section, as there has been for
previous ones. I do not intend for you to use this scenario as a "recipe," but merely as a source for information and,
perchance, as something to urge you to go and learn more.
For more detailed information about temporary piercings I would refer the reader to Trevor Jacques' On the Safe Edge.
This book is currently out of print (as of the time of this writing), but you can surely find someone in your local BDSM
community who wi11lend you a copy. While you're at it you can surely ask around for someone to help you learn to do
play piercing safely!
Any scene involving invasive activities such as piercing requires a good knowledge of the activity itself and the techniques
you need to do it, but the possible repercussions of the activity as well. Any time you break the skin, you open up a tiny
door to the interior of the body. This door is all it takes for an infection to invade. The human body is covered with lots of
microorganisms and bacteria that are harmless to us as long as they are outside our bodies, but given a direct access to the
body's interior and the bloodstream, they can be not only pesky, but dangerous.
To minimize the risk of unwanted infection in a play piercing scene, a number of precautions can and should be taken. First
and foremost, - use only sterile, single-use disposable needles. These can be obtained from surgical supply houses or
veterinary supply companies. Needles come in many different sizes, from very thin short needles for injecting insulin [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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