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This dating thing was tangled and confusing and
important—he deserved Tyrone‟s support. As for Tyrone….
What was that about? Blake got asked out, and suddenly
Tyrone started whispering in his ear and massaging his
thigh. If it was intended to be encouraging, Tyrone should
really ease up; as it was, it had just been somewhere
between painful and inappropriately arousing.
But Tyrone was unavailable for consultation, so Blake
had to deal with this himself. He redirected his focus to
Mitchell and gave him a bemused smile. “Yes, I like dinner
theater. Saturday would be great.”
Shit. It wouldn’t be great. Bitsy‟s first night in the
penthouse, and he was going to go out on a date? He wasn‟t
even divorced yet. Not that the lack of a piece of paper was
stopping Daisy. But leaving Bitsy….
Tyrone would watch her. He‟d probably like having some
time with her on his own; Tyrone was always outclassed by
her daddy when Blake was present, but if it was just the two
of them, Tyrone could have her attention to himself. That
would be nice for him. After all, Tyrone had to have assumed
this guy would ask him out for Saturday, right? It was all
happening so fast.
Mitchell‟s smile was blindingly bright, a bit less
charming than Tyrone‟s smiles—much less devilish—but just
for Blake. Mitchell covered Blake‟s hand with his own, his
thumb tracing along its side. “I‟ll call you with more details
when I know what time. It‟s going to be amazing. I promise
you‟ll have a great time.”
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Mitchell‟s gaze turned heated, as if in Blake‟s agreeing
to a date, Mitchell had been given permission to think filthy
thoughts about what exactly might happen Saturday night.
Of course, that part of it Blake knew how to do. But
what was he going to lecture Sherry on? Not putting out on
the first date. It would be hypocritical not to follow that
advice himself. If he was going to grow up and be an adult
and hold a job and have an actual grown-up relationship,
then he would need to show some grown-up restraint.
Or something.
Damn you, Tyrone. I am not ready for this.
Tyrone was speaking with impassioned eloquence about
regional political climates in Ukraine and whether some
Congressional Committee was likely to budge in some policy
matters. Then an unfamiliar voice from further down the
table asked about some Supreme Court decision. The
moment Tyrone began to lecture—he didn‟t just give
opinions; he lectured like a professor—Blake knew any hope
of getting Tyrone‟s attention was shot. He didn‟t even need to
look away from Mitchell to know that.
He wanted to slap Tyrone‟s hand off his lap and shout at
him for springing this on him and then leaving him alone to
deal with it.
If Mitchell had proposed going to the bathroom for
blowjobs rather than a date, Blake would be handling this so
much better. Still, it would be nice to be with someone who
wanted an actual relationship. With him this time.
The food was served, relieving some of the tension while
Blake saw to the process of eating and smiling now and then
The WASPs | Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid
at his soon-to-be date. He tried looking over at Tyrone, but
food being served hadn‟t slowed his lecture even a little.
Blake made simple conversation with Mitchell, finding
out that he wanted kids and was pleased that Blake came
with one. Obviously, Mitchell had been thoroughly vetted by
Tyrone, leaving Blake with little to do but smile, nod
agreeably, make pithy statements that Mitchell laughed
entirely too hard at, and let Mitchell stroke his hand like
they were already a couple.
The evening wound down after a chocolate dessert that
Blake was both too keyed up and too full to manage more
than a bite of. Then coffee arrived, and people started to
excuse themselves, thanking Tyrone and the other partners
for the dinner.
By the time Tyrone had disengaged from everyone,
Mitchell had Blake monopolized, chatting away at him about
his recent trip to Cozumel on some kind of package deal for
gay law professionals. When Mitchell noticed Tyrone‟s gaze
locked on him, he shut his mouth so fast that his teeth
Approaching with characteristic dignity, Tyrone rested a
hand on Blake‟s far shoulder and his head on the near one,
breaking character with a childlike gesture that he never
made in public.
“I‟m sleepy, Blakey. Let‟s go.” Blake couldn‟t see the look
Tyrone was giving Mitchell from that angle, but Mitchell took
a step back. Tyrone‟s voice just sounded exhausted. Needy.
His sweet boy who looked so tough but couldn‟t relax
without Blake there to soothe him. “See you at work, Mitch.
Thanks for keeping my boy company.”
The WASPs | Clancy Nacht & Thursday Euclid
“Yeah, see you tomorrow, Tyrone.” Mitchell looked wary
for a moment, but then his eyes met Blake‟s again and he
beamed. “See you Saturday, Blake. It was so good to finally
meet you!”
“See you Saturday.” For a while, Blake forgot his anger
with Tyrone. He rested his head against his, so weary from
being charming and listening and pretending to care. By
those standards, he and Mitchell might as well be married
already. Relationships were so tiring.
Then Mitchell headed off, leaving him in an emptying
room with Tyrone, who‟d barely spoken to him all night.
Blake sighed. He wanted to yell at Tyrone, but he wasn‟t
going to do it in public. He didn‟t do it in the car, either,
instead riding in silence with Tyrone‟s head on his shoulder. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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