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right. Maybe we shouldn t have had sex, because you re acting like someone I ve
never met, never mind 
 I told you! Rachel turned away, but not before he glimpsed the tears
glistening on her lashes.  I told you this would screw us up, but you wouldn t
Though he wanted to turn his back, her tears, as usual, hit him square in the
gut. The lowest of low blows, especially when he had no clue what he d done to
cause them.  Us having sex isn t the problem. He searched for his patience, but
realized he had none left.  You are.
 Of course I am. That I won t fall right in line with the Cooper/Griffin agenda
must really get your shorts in a knot.
 Not wearing any, he said easily, letting out a breath when she covered her
face with her hands.  Okay, I ll play your way. For the record, I m not trying to trap
you into marriage. Or having babies. I m not trying to trap you period. I wouldn t do
that, Rach.
When his declaration was met with stony silence, he continued.  But just in
case what happened years ago with Halston has something to do with this two-
headed monster trip, you can bet your pretty ass if you did get pregnant, I wouldn t
be three thousand miles away.
She blotted the tears dripping steadily down her cheeks, falling one after
another in a deluge she wasn t fast enough to catch.  He never knew.
 And if he had? You think he d have changed his plans? Temporarily, maybe.
Maybe he d have gotten a charge out of some kid calling him daddy, but then he
would ve been off again.
 You don t know that. I don t know that. It s useless to speculate, because my
baby s dead. She gathered her clothes off the floor.  As dead as you and I.
The poison-tipped barb arrowed right into his chest, arousing a fury to match
hers.  Is that it? You can t stand that I d stick by you, that I d want our child? That I
72 Cari Quinn
wouldn t ride my motorcycle off to the next woman while you cried yourself to
sleep? Unable to rein in his temper, he swung off the bed and hauled her up to face
him.  Is that the fucking problem?
 In case you haven t noticed, I m crying right now. As she wiped her cheeks,
her body vibrated from a mixture of anger and pain. And fear. He smelled it on her,
the scent as pervasive as the earthy tones of her perfume.  Get out of my way.
 Call security, he suggested.  Yell your head off. I m not moving until you
explain what happened between when you fell asleep in my arms, and when I woke
up to you trying to kill me.
 Your father happened. She elbowed him out of the way so she could step into
her panties.  I suppose I should take back last night s assertion that I m not your
whore since apparently, you want us to get married like, tomorrow so I can start
heaving out your rug rats.
Shawn sank onto the mattress.  So you keep saying. Would be nice if I knew
those were my plans, because seriously? Had no clue.
 How stupid do you think I am?
 Right now? You don t want me to answer that question. Because he knew her
penchant for histrionics, he didn t immediately pick up the phone, but he had to fist
his hands to stifle the impulse.  My father said I wanted to get married and start
having children with you. In those words exactly.
 More or less. Rachel shimmied into her dress and tied those detested straps
with a few flicks of her fingers.  It s our destiny after all. On went her strappy
heels.  We re matched perfectly.
 Well, yeah, but&  Too late, her sarcasm registered. His heart gave one nasty
knock against his ribs as she narrowed her eyes until mere slits of velvet brown
remained. He dug deep for his patience.  You ve never wondered what it would be
like? We re great together. We knew that before, but now that we re lovers 
 We were lovers. Past tense. And no, I haven t wondered. Unlike you, I don t
spend my time thinking about destinies and heirs. She snatched her purse off the
nightstand where she d dropped it the night before and strode to the door, moving
so fast her hair swung out like a dark cape.
He rose and charged after her, then slammed a palm above her head on the
door she d just opened.  We aren t through yet. Face me like a goddamned man
instead of running away like a coward.
 If I were a man, we wouldn t be having this discussion. But she turned,
raising her eyes defiantly to his.
She was so freaking beautiful when she was mad, even with puffy eyelids and
lips she d bitten raw. For a long moment, he fumbled for something to say, but
Rachel never suffered from that problem.
 You re not denying it. You went to your father for advice on how to get me to
slip into my designated role within the family. Mrs. Rachel Griffin. Her voice
Insatiable 73
sounded flat now, as if all the fight had simply drained out of her.  It s got a ring to
it, doesn t it?
Fuck it. Just fuck it. She already believed the worst of him, so why not just lay
the truth on the line once and for all?
 I always thought so. Shawn didn t flinch under the scalding weight of her
gaze.  You heard me. I ve thought about us getting married. I suppose if I m being
honest, I ve even entertained the idea of you having our child. A couple of children,
preferably. Not now. Hell, not even next year. But& yeah.
Because he knew he d shocked her speechless, he scrubbed his hands over his
morning stubble, suddenly aware he was having this conversation without benefit [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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