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The old man looked around the bar anxiously, then he
stared at Jack for a brief moment, before his eyes began to
dart back and forth from Jack to the entrance.
"No one is paying attention to us, they know better," Jack
assured him. The old man knew this already, Jack thought.
He was holding out for more cash. Jack tapped his pocket and
withdrew a podpad and pushed a button. "How much will it
be, old man? I'll transfer it to you now, if you don't tell me
what I want to know, I'll just "
The old man need not have heard the last of what Jack had
to say, as he was fully aware of the consequences and had
heard the same line before. "Two million," he cracked and
giggled into a coughing fit. "And ... one hour with your young
friend over there," he pointed at Edge, a smile now creased
his ancient face.
Jack grinned slowly. "Two million I can do. Pretty steep,
but ... for the information I need ... And it will be up to my
friend if he wants to spend an hour with you." Jack knew the
answer to that, however.
Spaces Escapes
by Angela Fiddler, Jason Edding
The old man threw his head back and howled with
laughter, causing a few heads to turn, momentarily, in their
direction. "No," he laughed some more. "Not me," he shook
his bent finger at Jack. He gestured toward the cubicle. "One
hour with your friend in there, with you!" His grin turned into
a leering cackle.
Jack shook his head. He had no intention of fucking Edge
or anyone in else in front of a crowd of horny criminals and
murders. "No deal. You, however, will give me my answer."
Jack began to stand.
The old man took a step closer to Jack, leaning down to his
ear. "No, one million and you and your friend in there for one
hour and I'll give you your answer." The old man straightened
up and crossed his wrinkled arms around his bag.
"No," Jack said, simply.
The old man laughed again. "Look, Earther, I'm too old to
be threatened with death, what I want is what I want. What I
want, I always get, this is my place, see." He turned to leave.
"Take it or get out of my place."
The old man was tougher than Jack had wagered. "Then
we have a deal?" Jack replied. Jack took the old man's
scarred and mangled hand.
"That's Bigsly three, four, three, nine." The old man said
into Jack's ear and Jack quickly transferred the credits to his
"Did you see that?" Edge said, sliding in beside Jack. The
old man had vanished behind the bar when Edge appeared.
"Shit, I'd do that young guy any day, didn't he howl at the
end!" Edge laughed.
Spaces Escapes
by Angela Fiddler, Jason Edding
"You liked the show, did you?" Jack said, grinning. He took
another drink from his bottle and pushed the other to Edge.
Edge caught the sliding bottle and nodded, grinning like he
had just found his own version of Utopia. He removed the cap
with ease and took a drink. "This goes on every day?" He
looked around the place, pushing his chair back so that it
balanced on the back legs.
Jack shrugged. "When one show stops, another begins
soon after."
"Shit, I'm living in here." Edge guzzled his liquor, until only
half still remained.
"I found a contact with the information we need," Jack told
him, fingering his bottle.
Edge leaned close. "Yeah? Where?" He looked around the
dim joint.
"The owner. Don't worry about that part, the less you
know for now, the better," Jack replied quickly.
Edge smiled at Jack and shrugged. "Too many secrets spoil
the fun, Jack."
Jack placed his hand on Edge's. "I'm glad you liked the
show, because they've already picked the next two guys to
Edge clanked his bottle against Jack's. "Good, I'm not even
close to being satisfied. That young guy had a hot cock and a
sweet ass; I'm surprised he's down here." He threw his head
back and stretched to the ceiling. "Hot ass ... wonder if I
could get him out of here and to our bed."
Jack nodded slowly. "That young guy has probably been
bought and sold more times than you've pissed on the
Spaces Escapes
by Angela Fiddler, Jason Edding
ground," Jack told him. Edge had told him he liked to be one
with nature, back on Earth. Jack had wished he had been
there to see it, but hearing it was the next best thing.
"Good, there'll be a new show soon." Then he added, "Part
of the deal I made was that the next two men to go into that
cubicle to fuck will be you and me." Jack grinned, but he was
frowning behind the mask.
"What?" Edge's mouth dropped open and he let his bottle
drop, spilling half of its contents across the table and his lap.
Jack nodded. "No choice, the contact has the upper hand
here. I had to accept."
Edge's frown turned into a wide grin. "Well, I'm up for it,
but..." he laughed, "...I happen to remember one of us
doesn't even like to fuck with the curtains open on a desolate
fucking moon." He laughed some more and watched his rum
bottle finally empty itself on the floor.
Jack shrugged. "We all have to make sacrifices, especially
now," Jack said, although the pit in his stomach grew with [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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