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accompany the jackal shifter onto his territory. Then they
had moved onto the other questions he had. So far Skylar
had told him what happened when vampires didn't find a
blood match or soul mate Mon me soeur sang.
"It's been decades, but the covens only started to notice
recently when the Elders started to go into bloodlust and
they had no mate to ground them. They had to be put down
SA Welsh
for the safety of the coven. I have the natural ability to go
unnoticed most of the time and was sent out to try to gather
information. I had planned on approaching your alpha in
the hopes that he would be able to provide me with more
information regarding rumors that something in this area
was somehow connected to the trouble my kind is having."
"That's pretty vague," Remy commented. He wasn t
happy about Skylar being sent out on what could well have
been a wild goose chase, and a dangerous one at that. And
he didn t know who was telling Skylar he blended in,
because the vampire was stunningly beautiful.
Skylar grinned, his sightless blue eyes sparkling. "Thank
"Okay, pause this topic and explain how you can hear
what I'm thinking."
"I can hear you sometimes as the bond grows between us.
Every time I feed from you or you bite me the bond
solidifies. To complete it, there would have to be a blood
exchange bite over the heart. But I understand if you wish to
wait until you can smell the mate scent. I would not expect
you to take my word for it when you do not know me."
Remy thought over Skylar's words and found he had no
objections. He had concerns and worries, but not about them
being mates. And neither did his wolf. "I'd like to know
you," he whispered just before he pressed his lips to Skylar's.
They kissed like each other was air and they were
suffocating. He teased his tongue past Skylar's lips and the
vampire met him, taking over the kiss and showing Remy
who was more experienced and skilled with the art of
kissing the brains out of someone.
"Wow," he breathed, panting as his lungs protested his
lack of oxygen.
Blind Under the Moon
The vampire cuddled closer, sniffing Remy's neck and
making him shiver. He really wanted Skylar to bite down on
his vein. He desperately wanted to feed his vampire again.
Skylar must have picked up that thought too as the
vampire moved so he was straddling Remy's lap and
pressed his face into Remy's neck. Sharp teeth scraped his
skin and Remy's hands convulsed where they now rested on
Skylar's trim waist.
He still hadn t put on a shirt, so he was bare-chested, and
Skylar's fingers were taking full advantage of that, slowly
smoothing towards his nipples. Remy had never been a big
fan of nipple play, but clearly he had been doing it wrong.
Just one skilled touch brought his nips to tingling hardness,
and his penis followed suit as the zinging sensations went
straight to his dick.
The vampire played with him, teasing him.
Remy bit his lip to keep the cry of impatience inside when
one of the hands torturing him slid down his chest and
stomach. Just the very tips of Skylar's fingers worked their
way under his jeans and brushed the head of his cock.
"Skylar. Please." He wasn t too proud to beg.
Skylar took pity on him and bit down. The twin flairs of
pain were almost enough to undo him. The first pull of his
vein as Skylar swallowed his blood made him think about
Skylar swallowing something else.
The fingers touching his dick dug further into his jeans
until the old button popped open and the zipper went
down, letting his cock spring free. The cool air contrasted
with the hot touch of his vampire who was attached to his
neck and grasping his prick. Skylar took a firmer hold on
him and Remy's toes curled as the vampire began to move
his hand up and down. His claws started to peek out from
his fingertips a little and his teeth lengthened and sharpened
as his excitement grew.
SA Welsh
"Faster. He panted as he tried to pull Skylar's lower body
The vampire did as he asked and Remy growled and grit
his teeth. He wanted to bite Skylar again. He wanted to
mark and claim him.
"You can," Skylar said, pulling away from his neck and
gently licking the two holes closed, washing away the drips
of blood.
Remy didn t need any more encouragement he just
wrapped one hand around the back of Skylar's neck and
roughly yanked him down. Skylar's lust scent skyrocketed
when he licked the vampire's neck before marking him.
The grip on his cock was almost painful as the vampire
shuddered in pleasure against him. Remy groaned with
disappointment when the hand let go.
When he pulled back, Skylar's bright blue eyes were now
almost completely red.
"I accept you as my mate, Skylar Bankcroft. Do you accept
me as your mate?"
The vampire gasped, showing off those gorgeous fangs
again. "Yes. I pledge myself to you and only you until my
time has come to an end. Do you accept my pledge?"
Remy's wolf howled with happiness. "I do."
Skylar shocked him by growling lowly before he struck.
This time his vampire bit down on his chest over his heart.
But it wasn t to feed. This was to mark. And Remy would
wear his mate's mark with pride.
As soon as Skylar retracted his teeth, Remy gripped both
side of Skylar's borrowed shirt and ripped it open. Buttons
flew everywhere, bouncing off walls. A few even hit him in
the face, but he wouldn t let it deter him from his goal. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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