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slapping her bare backside till it's a hot, stinging
shade of red. And then he d kiss away her tears
before he tore off his clothes, and
"Mr. Steele?"
He refocused. She was regarding him as if he'd
lost his mind. "Uh, yes?"
The corners of her mouth jerked up. "Typical
man. Haven't heard a word I've said, have you?"
"I'm sorry. It's just that listen. Join me for
dinner? Please?" He placed his hand on top of hers.
"The food here is excellent. My treat."
"This is a business dinner, as far as I'm
concerned. We'll split the tab."
As the matre d' led them to a table, Rafe again
became distracted, this time by her lush shape. An
old-fashioned hourglass figure, he thought, round
and fully-packed in all the right places. Not one of
those skinny model types or one who would
exercise nonstop at the first sign of a plumping fat
cell. And what a nice, spankable bottom he d bet
she had, judging from the way her dress was
Maybe I'll marry this one for real.
Damn him, Patience thought. She'd finally
gotten up her courage to tell him her plan, and he
hadn't even been listening to her. She could tell by
the way his eyes had lost their focus. Probably
looking at sports on the bar's television or checking
out another woman.
"So, what's this idea of yours?" he said, his lazy
smile triggering a hot flush from her tummy to the
roots of her hair.
"I'm I'm hoping you've figured out how we're
alike, by now."
She couldn t help dropping her gaze. When she
looked up again, he was frowning. "I don't get it."
"I mean, you're looking for a woman you can
an old-fashioned woman," she said, "and I'm
looking for an old-fashioned man."
"You are?"
She had to grin upon seeing the amazement on
his face. "You really weren't listening to me in the
bar, were you?"
"Guilty as charged. I was distracted, uh "
"By the game on TV?" she teased.
"No. By your loveliness."
She fell back in her seat.
Wow. When's the last time a man who wasn't
trying to get into my pants called me lovely? Like
"Well, thank you. That's a nice thing to say."
"You're welcome. It happens to be true as well
as nice. Now, what's your idea?"
She took a deep breath. "Mr. Steele, I was
thinking we could marry. For real. Now," she sped
up her speech when she saw the blank disbelief on
his face, "I'm not talking a real marriage in terms of
sharing assets. We don't know each other, so we
have to protect ourselves. We'll write a pre-nup
clearly stating that, in case of divorce, I don't get a
penny of your assets, and you don't get a penny of
mine. I do have a successful, growing business of
my own to protect, you know. If you want, we can
also include provisions for what happens in case of
death, and back it up with iron-clad wills."
"Your idea's not bad at all. Seeing as how we
both are interested in some sort of relationship that
includes " he leaned across the table to whisper,
" spanking. We would engage in that, right?"
"I I thought you only wanted the one time, to
prove what you need to prove to the lawyer." Her
heart hammered in her chest. She couldn't allow
herself to wish for more. The disappointment might
crush her.
"That's true. I only need to spank you once to
meet the provisions of the will. Is that what you
Was that disappointment in his voice? "If that's
what you want," she said.
"I suppose we'd continue living as we do now
apart and remain married for a short while to
avoid possible complications," he said.
"The will doesn't state how long I have to be
married to inherit. However, in case some long-lost
family member shows up to contest the will, it
would be prudent for us to remain married for,
perhaps, six months to a year. I'll place no demands
on you during that time."
"If you want to be safe from a will challenge, we
probably should live in the same building, or appear
to." She sighed. "This is getting complicated.
Charging you a simple fee is not going to work, if I
have to move into your place for six months. I'll run
my business from my apartment, but I'll need you
to pay me a stipend for any extra expenses
associated with my living in your home."
"Wait a minute. If I openly pay you money,
when we later divorce the payments are going to
show we were never serious about the marriage, [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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