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the damned door!
They all laughed.
Reba s gaze held Jodi s, silently replaying the words in her head,
trying to make sense of them. Why did she think there was some bigger
message hidden in them? She was becoming paranoid, she guessed.
Love and affection welled up from deep within her while she gazed
around at the three best friends anyone could ever ask for. A smile began
tugging at her lips.
 We all have our secret desires, huh? Jackie started to laugh again.
 And some of us even live them!
Finally recovering from her laughter, Reba shook her head in
amusement.  I knew you three would make me reveal every dark secret I
ever harbored!
Throwing her arms back around Reba and giving her another bone-
crushing hug, Katie exclaimed,  What else are best friends for, hon?
Once Reba began detailing how she pictured the whole thing, the
words flowed from her. There was no awkwardness or discomfort. These
were her oldest and dearest friends, and they d always shared everything.
The only thing different now was they were a little older, maybe even a
little bolder than before.
Nicole Austin and TK Winters
Knowing the other girls had experienced similar encounters in real
life gave her the courage to fill in the details that had been haunting her.
Maybe getting it out in the open would finally bring an end to her wild
fantasies. Whether it did or not, she knew her desires would not change
her friends opinion of her in the least.
When she had finished talking, Reba felt the weight of her secret lift
away. It was wonderful to have the support of her friends once more. It
would be difficult when they left her once again, but for now she relaxed
and enjoyed their companionship while they were there.
The four of them talked late into the morning, sleeping long into the
afternoon. They watched corny movies, pigged out, and caught up on
everything. Her friends lived such hectic lives, but seemed to enjoy each
and every minute. From the hard hitting lawyer to the card shark and
the bawdy dispatcher, she was glad to witness their happiness.
Their weekend reunion was a fabulous success, and they all eagerly
agreed to schedule mimosa nights on a regular basis. No one wanted to
wait such a long time before seeing each other again.
Many tears were shed as they said their goodbyes at the airport
Sunday evening, but they parted knowing they would see each other
soon at Katie s wedding. They d made Jodi promise to let them know if
they could help in any way with her continued struggles. Even if they
could only lend a shoulder and pass the tissues, they wanted to be there,
helping to make her dreams come true.
Mimosa Night
Chapter Ten
The next day
Reba held the elegantly addressed envelope in her hand, wondering
who had sent it. Well, she knew who had sent it. The address was
scrolled across the envelope in bold script. The real question was, why?
After her weekend with the three girls, she had a niggling feeling they
were behind it. It was too much of a coincidence for them to draw out her
deepest, darkest desires, then open the mailbox and find an invitation
from the very place she d told them about.
She tapped the invitation against pursed lips. In fact, the whole thing
smelled like a plot. She couldn t figure out how the girls could have
managed such a thing, or even why.
Her relentless tapping with the invitation stopped, a dreamy look
stealing over her face. She pictured herself meeting James at the door in
nothing but a long black fur coat and four-inch spike heels, flogger in
The invitation hit the floor, snapping her back to reality. Oh, girl.
You ve got it bad. What are you thinking? You don t even own a black fur
coat! And like you d be such a brazen hussy anyway! The idea was truly
Reba thoughtfully considered the invitation lying on the floor before
bending to pick it up. No, there was no way the girls could have set this
up. They d only been here for the weekend, and the four of them had
spent practically every minute together. There would have been no time
Nicole Austin and TK Winters
for them to arrange something with Fontaine s. Hell, the club had a [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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