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lift her up and kiss her anywhere he damned well pleased. She followed,
continued to smile despite the lust. Brook was proud of herself for not reaching
down and grabbing his ass.
 This is my favorite place in the world. He motioned with his hand.
Brook could see why. They were near the edge of the cliff, she smelt
the sea air, and the view was spectacular. Islands were off in the distance.
Birds called from all directions as the sea pounded the rocks below. It was
magical; no wonder a fairy discovered this beauty.
 I decided long ago, to build my home here where I could see this view
every morning. And sunset? Brook you must see the sun setting with me. It is
most colorful.
What harm could a sunset be? Then she looked over at his profile. His
full lips, strong jaw and stunning green eyes were detrimental to her control.
 After we find Carrick, I will return and watch it with you again. He was
silent after that comment. She felt a little guilty bringing her fairy man up like
that, but Valen had to understand he had no potential of becoming her lover.
She loved Carrick and despite her rampant thoughts, she was determined not to
get involved with anyone else. He sat down, right in the patch of grass,
stretched his legs and patted the spot beside him.
Bad idea Brook, she scolded herself even as her feet moved, she
smothered the dress beneath her legs and settled beside him. If she could just
get over her lust, he might become a prized friend or that could be wishful
thinking. Lord knew, in this new world she needed as many contacts as she
could acquire.
The wind blew gently and together they watched the birds swoop down
to feast on fish. Colors flooded the horizon, blue conquered bright yellow and
the clouds seemed to accumulate an eerie glow. The sun set in this truly
magnificent world.
Brielle could no longer sustain her balance. She held onto the bed and
pulled further away from Wick. His life force was increasing, his heart beat
stronger but his wounds were still grave. Tonight however, she could not go on.
Her body was beyond exhausted. It took all her remaining strength to shift to a
chair that adorned the corner of the room. Her body slumped, and she barely
noticed the door opening.
The trolls could attack, and she would not be able to lift a finger.
Thankfully, no enemies drifted toward their helpless state. The intruder was a
dark shadow she had come to know long ago.  Whisper&  His name barely
formed. There was a slight nod and a flash of blue hair.  Just going to rest
for& a& while. Her voice was breathy and her lids drooped.  Stand guard,
She was defenseless, but more importantly Wick would be vulnerable.
Her sight darkened, and she heard the faintest word before sleep claimed her.
Night approached, Carrick glared out over the grassy hills with a scowl.
He stood beneath their willow tree, leaned against the dark bark with rage in
his blood.
 Sir&  Thame finally approached, his body sagged, no doubt from
fatigue. The king would not let anyone rest until the queen returned.  I ve
found a troll hill& 
He nodded.  It may not be the one we re looking for, but they will give
us information& or we kill them all. His words were calm, his eyes betrayed
his tone, and they were wide and fierce. He stood his full height as Thame
touched down.  Prepare the men. We go into battle. His fellow fairy flew off,
slipped through the barrier and down into his kingdom.
Carrick waited, patiently considering his mood, but he would not drive
his men to their death. That was not his goal. His plan was to attack and
retrieve. At the very least, receive answers.
Within a few minutes, they began to fly up and land before him. His
remaining fairies, his best warriors no longer wore their traditional loincloth
but chainmail over chests and thick pants that would protect them from any
blow. All were ready to put their lives on the line but Wick, who was still
recovering. Five men and one woman were in armor.
 They have our queen! he shouted and each raised their sword.  We
will get her back and kill any thing that gets in our way. Shouts erupted and
one by one, they fell to their knees in obedience.  You are my prized warriors,
but you re also my friend. Fight well, protect each other s backs. Carrick
jerked his wings open, lifted his chin and surged into the sky.
There was a low growl from Whisper and every fairy followed the king
into the night sky.
Chapter Eleven
The warriors cut through the darkness like angry angels. High leaves
danced as they advanced and shivered after they passed. The moon lit the way
as they approached the hill with a stealth silence. Each took their place,
strategically ready to annihilate the enemy s home.
Bray and Flance always fought together, their love was stronger than
any foe. They waited beside the entrance should a stray troll flee. Mord stood
above the mound, a look out should their brethren try to save them. Keyn stood
to his left, Thame to his right. Whisper was in the shadows; even Carrick knew
not where the fierce warrior laid in wait. Wings were tucked in should the
bastards aim for them. Their blades glinted and soon enough he knew it would
tint black from their blood. The critters that normally conversed in the
nighttime were silent. A warning to all those entering the area that hell was
about to break loose.
Carrick s war cry was an echoing growl of wrath, each fairy followed
suit except for Whisper who remained soundless. Feet pranced, screeches
sounded and the battle began.
Trolls that charged from the cave were ripped apart by Whisper s
blade; he was a swarm of color and black wings. The troll fell headless to the
ground and the fairy returned to the shadows. Two more approached, their big [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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