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and throbbed. It was just this side of painful. The power grew and grew until she was
sure her head was going to blow off. She felt it shoot out her lips and into Jacob.
Ann Hinnenkamp
She heard Jacob gasp in pain as he pulled away from her.
 Almost there, David s voice from the phone said.  Again, Jacob.
Eleanor felt Jacob s lips on hers again. She wanted to tell him to stop, but with two
men kissing her simultaneously, that sure wasn t going to happen.
The power grew inside her again. This time she noticed a difference between the
power built from David and Jacob, and the power built by Constantine. David and
Jacob s was easier on her body. It built more smoothly and flowed out in a smaller beam
than Constantine s. They had a light hand, Eleanor thought, as opposed to
Constantine s hammer-like force.
This time when the power shot out of her Constantine was thrown back against the
headboard from the force of the blast. He lay there for a moment, catching his breath.
His face turned to Eleanor and he spoke for the first time.  Hello, David. It took you
longer to find me than I thought it would. What did you think of the gift I left for you?
Are you still healing them?
His grip tightened on Eleanor s arms, bruising her.  I have him, you know, he said
with quiet menace.  If you and Damien do not join me, you both will die. I am through
with games and politics. I have found our future.
Constantine sat up, pulled her to him and looked deeply into her eyes.  Listen to
me, David. The Diarchy is dead. It has been for centuries, but the old ones refuse to give
up their hold on us. They keep us bound with traditions and laws that do not apply in
this modern age. If we keep blindly following the old ways, we will all fade and die.
What I am doing will set us free. Why am I the only one who sees this?
In the dream, Constantine shook Eleanor.  I want you to join me in my quest. You
have no choice. One word from me and you both are dead. Damien will drag you down
into death with him. He started to lower his head for another kiss.
Eleanor had had enough. She felt like a tennis ball being batted back and forth
between two pros. Great fun for the pros, but not so good for the ball. It was time for
her to fight back. Pushing his head away, she twisted in his arms, determined not to let
him kiss her again. The power would surely kill her this time. Fighting for her life, she
kicked and scratched at him, all the while looking for a way out of the dream and back
to reality.
 Jacob, she cried in desperation.  Please, help me.
Jacob s voice came from a distance. It sounded like an old-fashioned megaphone.
 Enough, David, let her go, he said.
She was getting tired. Constantine was so strong, she was no match for him. Any
moment, his lips would close over hers and she would be lost. In desperation, she put
both hands over her mouth and buried her head against his chest.
Underneath her hands, she felt warm lips against hers. This time there was no
power attached to them. The lips left hers and trailed a path to her ear.
 Come back to me, Eleanor, Jacob said.  Listen to my voice. Feel my arms around
Dyad Dreams
you, not his.
Eleanor felt warm hands travel up and down her arms. The warm kisses and hands
started to feel more real than Constantine s cold hands, still struggling with her.
 Trust me, Ellie, Jacob whispered against her ear.
Eleanor could smell Jacob now. That wonderful pine, leather and man smell. She
felt his lips against her eyes.
 Open your eyes, baby, Jacob said in a husky voice. He kissed one eye and then
the other.
The dream started to fade. Eleanor had one last look at Constantine. His face full of
hate and fury. He shouted something but Eleanor couldn t hear him.
She opened her eyes and found herself back in the Hummer. Jacob was pulling
away from her face where just a moment ago, he d been kissing her eyes. They were
still warm from his touch. She saw heat in his eyes, along with worry and anger.
She brought her hand up and cupped his cheek.  Thank you, she said.
Jacob covered her hand with his. He kissed her palm all the while holding her eyes
with his.  Forgive me, he said, moving her hand back and forth over his cheek.  I had
no idea David would use you like this. I wouldn t have allowed it.
Her hand felt wonderful against his cheek. His beard stubble felt rough and soft at
the same time. How is that possible, she wondered?
She took a deep breath. Something was wrong.  Jacob, I don t feel well, she said as
she fought the urge to throw up.  What s happened? What did they do to me? My
whole body is aching and I m so tired all of a sudden.
A horrific thought flashed through her mind. What if they turned her into one of
the old people? Her hands flew to her face but her skin and neck felt normal, thank
God. She heard David s voice coming from her lap. During the battle, she had dropped
the phone.
 Jacob, pick up the phone, David said.
Jacob sighed and reached for the phone and put it to his ear.  I m here, he said. He
listened for a minute, watching Eleanor. He looked concerned and worried.  Yes, I
understand, he said finally.  But first we must give Eleanor back what we have taken.
She has the drain sickness.
Eleanor was alarmed. The drain sickness. That didn t sound good. Is it something
you can get over, or what? She turned to ask Jacob, but stopped when he started talking
into the phone again. He wasn t looking at her anymore. Why was he not looking at
her? Raising her hands to her face, she checked again for wrinkles.
 I don t care, Jacob said.  You can replenish me when I see you. Or we can stop at
a safe house on the way. He stopped again to listen.   No, David, he said sharply.
 You don t understand. I will not go forward until we give Eleanor s Balance back to
The drain sickness or whatever they called it, intensified. It felt like a bad case of the
Ann Hinnenkamp
flu with a hangover on top. She was so dehydrated. If they didn t help soon, she was
going to pass out.
 Yes, of course I m ready, Jacob said. He turned to her.  Try to relax. David and I
are going to give back what was taken from you. You will feel fine after, I promise.
Jacob looked away from her. He took a couple of deep breaths and his eyes glazed
over. She noticed he was rubbing a coin between his fingers. He moaned softly.
Eleanor reached for him to see what was wrong. He pulled his hand away from her.
 Not yet, he said in a strangled voice.
Drawing her head back, she continued to watch him. He was breathing hard, each
breath deeper than the one before. When he opened his eyes and looked at her, Eleanor
gasped, alarmed. Those beautiful gray eyes had taken on the look of Damien s and [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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