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The closet was empty.
Dumbfounded, Cat stared at the bare shelves , and clothes rod, every inch
wiped clean of dust. She turned slowly from it, her glance straying to the
walnut-stained burrau. Crossing to it, she pulled out a drawer. Empty.
Still carrying the shirts, she went back to the spare room, skirted the neatly
stacked boxes and stopped in front of the oak dresser. Almost hesitantly she
opened one ot the drawers and looked inside at the folded undershirts and
white briefs. A second drawer held socks and two sets of thermal underwear.
Sweaters and sweatshirts were in a third.
Cat didn't bother to look any farther. There could be only one reason Logan
had moved all of his clothes in here-he planned to sleep in this room. Which
meant hr had intruded for her to have the other bedroom.
She remembered the vase of flowers and promptly sat down on the nearest box.
Had the bouquet been nothing more than a thoughtful gesture on his part? More
than that-why had she been so ready to think the worst? Cat shied away from
the answer to that.
Very carefully, she hung his shirts back in the closet, taking pains to shake
out any folds so they wouldn't end up wrinkled, then left the spare room,
closing the door behind her. Still mulling over the implications of the
discovery, she walked slowly back to the living room. She looked thoughtfully
at her clothes, hesitated, then gathered up an armful and carried it into the
bedroom she had previously regarded as Logan's.
After hanging up the clothes on hangers, Cat tackled the luggage and boxes,
separating hers from Quint's and carting them to their respective rooms.
Before unpacking any of them, she stopped to fix the roast for their evening
In the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator door, then noticed the radio on
the counter next to it and flipped it on. Ten minutes later she was standing
at the sink, peeling potatoes and absently singing along with the radio.
"She ain't only purty to look at, she can sing, too."
Startled by the drawled comment, Cat whirled around. Alarm shivered through
her, turning her dry-mouthed when she saw Lath Anderson lounging in the
kitchen doorway, an arm idly braced against the casing, his hat tipped to the
back of his head.
Recovering, she demanded, "How did you get in here?"
"The door was standing open. I took that as an invitation to come in," he said
with a taunting grin. Too late Cat remembered she had left both doors propped
open. "That ain't a very smart thing to do. It tends to let the flies in."
One buzzed around him. He watched it a moment, then his hand flashed, snaring
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it out of the air. The lightning speed of it carried a warning all of its own.
"See what I mean?" He dropped the dead fly on the floor and ran his hand down
the side of his jeans in a cleaning motion.
"What is it you want here, Lath?" She had a partially peeled potato in one
hand and the paring knife in the other. She tightened her hold on the knife.
"Someone told me you had married Echohawk." He sauntered into the kitchen.
"But I had to see it for my own eyes. Kinda sudden, wasn't it?"
"It happens that way sometimes."
"It was one of them-your eyes meet and before you know it, you can't keep your
hands off each other-was it?" His leisurely pace kept bringing him closer.
"More or less." Cat wondered whether Lath knew that he blocked her from both
the living room and the side door to the utility room. She had the uneasy
feeling that he did. She was suddenly furious with herself for not moving away
from the sink when she first saw him, instead of allowing herself to be
His glance wandered around the kitrhrn. "Where is the kid?"
"With his grandfather. They should be pulling in any minute with another load
of our things," Cat lied, well aware it would be a good hour or more before
they returned
Lath's eyes laughed at her, as ifsomehow he knew the truth "How's he like his
new daddy?"
"He likes Logan just fine. Look, I'm really busy just now why don't you come
back another time?" If she hadn't been so leary turning her back to him, she
would have resumed peeling the potatoes.
"Yeah, I see you're fixing dinner." He paused to paused to peer in to the
long enamel roasting pan on the counter. "Is that Calder beef there?"
"I wouldn't know." She was curt, wanting him gone and uncertain how to
accomplish it.
Lath looked past her into the sink, eyeing the raw vegetables still sitting in
the colander. "Potatoes, carrots, onions. Looks like it's gonna be a real
tasty meal. How does a fella go about wanglin' an invitation to supper?"
"You aren't welcome here, Lath."
Shaking his head, he feigned a hurt look, his hands hooking themselves on the
hips of his low-riding jeans. "Now, that ain't a very neighborly attitude to
take. An' we are neighbors, you know. I live just up the road a few miles. Ma
didn't like it in town, so Rollie rented the old Simpson place."
"How nice for your mother."
"Yeah." His glance drifted down to the front of her T-shirt, his eyes
stripping her. "University of Texas, huh?"
Revolted by the almost physical touch of his gaze, Cat worked to keep her
breathing slow and uneven. "I think you should leave. Right now."
"That's a pity, 'cause I was just thinkin' about stayin'." Ilis eyes continued
their downward focus. "Is that all Echohawk gave you-just that plain gold [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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