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rocks, covered with I bright green moss, shrubs of considerable height, and less definable
shapes of great magnitude which seemed to move or vibrate amidst the shrubbery in a
peculiar way. The chanting, whose authors I was so anxious to glimpse, seemed loudest, at
points where these shapes were most numerous and most vigorously in motion.
And then, as my island drifted closer and the sound of the distant waterfall grew louder, I
saw clearly the source of the chanting, and in one horrible instant remembered everything.
Of such things I cannot, dare not tell, for therein was revealed the hideous solution of all
which had puzzled me; and that solution would drive you mad, even as it al-most drove
me.... I knew now the change through which I had passed, and through which certain
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The Green Meadow by H. P. Lovecraft and Winifred V. Jackson
others who once were men had passed! and I knew the endless cycle of the future which
none like me may escape... I shall live forever, be conscious forever, though my soul cries
out to the gods for the boon of death and oblivion... All is before me: beyond the deafening
torrent lies the land of Stethelos, where young men are infinitely old... The Green
Meadow... I will send a message across the horrible immeasurable abyss....
(At this point the text becomes illegible.)
Scanned by Eulogio Garca Recalde for "The H. P. Lovecraft Library"
file:///C|/WINDOWS/Desktop/The%20Green%20Meado...0Lovecraft%20and%20Winifred%20V_%20Jackson.htm (5 of 5) [8-4-02 20:23:59] [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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