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the chair. It gave her a perverse pleasure to mistreat his expensive
Italian suit that way. She just knew it would make him cringe. He
had to be one of those guys that carefully folded the jacket in half
and laid it over a chair, if he didn t immediately hang it up. Of
course, he had tossed the jacket when they were having sex, but
she knew he d be upset with himself later. She wasn t sure how
she knew it, but she did.
 Why are you running away? He s the hottest male I ve seen
in here in ages.
Lea s question made Serena pause. She looked at her friend.
 Ever been dumped?
Lea paused in thought.  I don t think so. I usually do the
 Then you probably won t understand, but it s better to dump
before you get dumped. At least that s my experience.
 He didn t sound like he had any intention of dumping you.
He sounded like a male declaring ownership of a Mate. Serena
raised her brow questioningly; Lea frowned.  Male cats are just
as dominant as you wolves. My cousin found his Mate and he
sounded all macho like that.
 Maybe. If so, then that has its own perils. My mother is the
Mate of an Alpha. I ve never heard her make a decision in all my
life. Dad makes pronouncements and Mom nods. I can t imagine
turning into a female who says  Yes, dear all the time.
 Don t think much of your mom, do you?
Serena paused at the accusation.  I love her, and I respect
her. She seems happy with her life, but I don t want to be her.
The idea of doing whatever Damien says for the rest of my life is
against my nature. I ve never heard my parents have an argument.
I ve heard other couples have arguments, but not them. They have
staring contests, and then she always looks away first. Serena
 You re scared.
Serena shrugged.  Maybe. But I don t want to lose myself to
make him happy. I couldn t live like that, I d be miserable. She
sighed, then closed her eyes and remembered the look on his face
when she said he could plant his pup in her belly. He d been so
happy; she started to feel guilty. Damn it. He hadn t meant it and
there was no guarantee she was already pregnant. Still, she was
glad shifting didn t cause problems, just in case she was.  I m
going to shift now. Can you help me with the pack once I m in
wolf form?
 Sure. Lea leaned on the desk and waited.
Serena formed the image of herself as a wolf in her mind, then
superimposed her human image over it. She could feel the change
move through her body; lengthening in some spots, compacting in
others. She knew that anyone watching only saw a sort of shimmer
around her as she shifted, but she knew what was happening. She
could almost feel the fur growing. She paid close attention to her
womb, just in case, but she didn t notice any changes in her body.
It might be too soon. If he did get her pregnant, she wouldn t be
able to shift in the last three months of her pregnancy. She d have
to assume one form and stick to it. She knew one female who had
chosen to remain wolf because she thought the birthing would be
easier. It was, but the female was subtly altered after that. It just
didn t work well to remain in animal form for too long a stretch
of time.
200 Francesca Hawley
Serena surveyed her form to make sure all was well, then
cocked her canine head at Lea and barked. Lea shrugged, grabbed
the pack and helped her into it. Then she fastened it so it wouldn t
fall off.
 Well, good luck making it home. Will you be going up to see
your folks?
Serena thought a moment and nodded her head.
 Okay. I ll see you Monday. Have a good weekend. Maybe
your mom can explain how to handle being Mated to an Alpha.
Serena shook her head, licked Lea s hand affectionately and
left. It would take her a while to run home, because she d have to
avoid people as much as possible. She went home this way from
time to time, but it wasn t her preferred method for getting around
in Denver. She sighed as she ran. Maybe her mother could explain
how to deal with an Alpha male, just in case she ever needed the
Chapter Seven
he first thing he thought as he slowly surfaced from sleep
Twas that something was missing something vital. Damien
sighed and his eyes gradually opened. His office was dark and he
was alone. That was wrong. He shouldn t be alone. Despite the
darkness, his night vision easily compensated. He rolled onto his
back and sat up. The clock on the wall said 8 p. m.
He looked down, noting that he was quite nude. As he tried
to orient himself, and as the scent of his Mate hit him, he realized
what was wrong. He looked around the room. There was no
light on in the bathroom that connected to his office. Feeling the
floor beside him, he recognized that it was absent of her body
heat. She d been gone for quite some time, and the Bitch hadn t
bothered to wake him up. In fact, she d probably gone out of her
way not to wake him. He swore.
Getting to his feet, he looked around for his clothes. They
weren t here. Damn Serena to hell. He went into his bathroom
where he kept a spare suit and found that missing, too. In its place
her bra, garter belt and stockings were hung, with her heels sitting
on the floor beneath. He slammed his fist into the door. When he
202 Francesca Hawley
got his hands on her . . . yada, yada, yada. He smiled, then started
to laugh. She really was something. How completely she d turned
the tables on him! Damn, but he was a lucky wolf.
Chase or Kenyon might still be here, so he tried a joint call to
their offices.  Hey, are either of you guys still in the building?
 Yeah, we re here. What s up? Chase responded via the
 Do you guys have any spare clothes?
 Spare clothes?
Damien sighed as he heard the barely suppressed laughter
in Chase s voice. They were never going to let him live this one
down.  Yes, clothes. You know those fabric things that humans
require we wear in public?
 Yeah, I do. Damien heard Kenyon respond in the background.
At least he and Kenyon were about the same size. Chase was a
head taller than both of them, and he and Kenyon both stood 6 2 .
Chase also outweighed them by 50 pounds, too. He looked like
he d be more at home in a wrestling ring than a court of law.
Damien was leaning against his desk with the light on, when
his partners opened the door bearing clothing.
 Gah& . Kenyon paused on the threshold and shook his head.
 Jeez. There s enough musk in here to perfume half of France!
 Birds! Too fastidious for my taste. Smells like hot sex in
here. Very hot sex. I like it. Chase took a deep breath to fill his
rather expansive chest with the smell of Damien s mating with
Serena. Damien scowled at him.  That s one hot Bitch you found
for yourself, my friend. Was the sex as tasty as it smells? He eyed
Damien from head to foot with an insolent grin.
 It was better. Will you please quite ogling me like an
adolescent and hand me some clothes? She ran off and I need to
track her.
 As strongly as she s scented, that should present few [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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