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The dragon shifter’s tone indicated how far superior water dragons were in his
“Dragons are an interesting species. There is a wide variety,” Gallen’s speculative gaze
on Jiang had Aden wanting to growl a bit himself. He wrapped a possessive arm around
his mate, ignoring the amused glance Gallen flashed him from beneath his lashes.
“Now that we’ve discussed the amazing dragon kind, can we focus on why we’re
here?” Marty asked, raising an eyebrow. The hawk shifter had a firm arm around Eaton,
who watched the entire situation with a smile.
Aden knew if the eagle shifter had even a feather singed Marty would hunt down a
way to destroy the immortal birds.
“We need an aerial sweep to assess the situation. Marty, Eaton, you two want to take
care of that?” Aden asked.
The group created a semicircle to block sight of the men from any casual passerby. A
dragon would be easier to explain than why two men were stripping down to nothing in
the middle of the parking lot.
It took little time before, instead of two men, a hawk and an eagle stood on the asphalt.
Aden backed up, creating a hole in their protective shield. “Do a quick reconnaissance,
then come right back. Do not engage on your own.”
The two birds nodded, then with an easy flap of wings took off.
“Wow, they are really gorgeous,” Jiang’s avid gaze stayed on the birds as they flew
“Yep, and if you touched one of Eaton’s tail feathers Marty would rip off your scales.”
Gallen offered the information in a helpful tone but Aden heard the satisfaction in his
voice. After being freed from his enchantment, Gallen and the eagle shifter had become
good friends.
“I have no interest in that bird.”
The way Jiang phrased it had Aden asking. “Is there a different bird you’re interested
“Kurtis, your little pigeon shifter.” Jiang looked over at the street as if it held more
interest to him than their conversation, but his clenched hands and stiff posture indicated
the conversation had greater importance to Jiang than he let on.
“Be careful with the little pigeon, he’s had it rough.” Aden kept his tone mild. He
didn’t want to scare Jiang off, but Kurtis needed a gentle touch. He also deserved to have
some fun, something Aden bet neither man had much experience with.
“Yeah, he told me about his bastard ex. I’ll be hunting him down when we’re done
“Not alone.” Gallen moved until he stood directly in front of Jiang. “Sorcerers in a pack
could take you down again. Let’s be smart, all right?”
Aden patted Jiang on the back. “We all want to help Kurtis. We’ve been busy lately
trying to battle the sorcerers but we’ll help you since you helped us. It sounds like
finding the sorcerers will solve more than one problem. The vampires are currently
searching—if they find anything they will let us know.”
Jiang frowned. “Why are the vampires looking for the sorcerers?”
“I asked Rohan. Since the sorcerers are often scheming against them, he was looking
for them anyway. He likes to know where they are at so he can keep an eye on them,”
Aden said.
When Aden had given him a call, Rohan had volunteered to share any information on
the sorcerers he found. The vampire was one of the few bloodsuckers Aden trusted.
Before he could say anything else the birds returned.
In a flash they were men again and pulling on their clothes.
Marty shivered in the cool air and quickly yanked on his thick jacket. “It looks like they
are sticking together. Right now the birds are circling around the Seattle Center. They
aren’t low enough to burn anything yet, but the Space Needle has a few new char
Aden rolled his eyes. “Of course that’s where they would go. What kind of disaster
movie doesn’t have creatures destroying the Space Needle? It’s almost a cliché.”
Gallen laughed. “Let’s see if we can end this particular script before much more can be
Aden nodded. “Gallen, why don’t we go set your containment field at the convention
center. Marty, Eaton and Jiang can go to the space needle and corral the phoenixes to us.”
Marty put a protective arm around Eaton. “I don’t want him burned.”
“Good point. You two come with us. You can help keep people from trampling Gallen
while he makes his spell,” Aden said.
“I can do a transportation portal to get us to the convention center quickly,” Gallen
Eaton hesitated. “I hate portals. I could just fly.”
Aden shook his head. “I don’t think we can find a good place for you to transform
without exposing you in front of humans. This will be better. People will forget they saw
us walk out of thin air. Their minds will provide an explanation.”
“Fine,” Eaton gave in.
Within seconds Gallen created a portal. A pop in the air pressure was the only warning
before a large swirling circle formed before them.
“That is quite impressive, sorcerer,” Jiang said, bowing.
“Thank you.” Gallen glowed with pride. Aden loved to see that expression on his
mate’s face.
“How much time do you need for a trap spell, love?” Aden asked.
“One this size could take a good ten to fifteen minutes.”
“You’ll need to distract them,” Aden told Jiang. “Try getting them to talk to you. Judge [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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