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 Why are you scared?
 Are you going to fuck my ass?
 I might. I thought you liked that.
9. Questions
 I do. But you...you re bigger than he was.
 Do you think I would hurt you that way? Really, do you?
 No...I don t know...I don t think so.
 No, I wouldn t. You know better than that. I m not going to
fuck your ass tonight, baby. If that s what you re shaking about.
Soon, but not tonight.
I ran my hands across her sore ass, and she jumped as I
positioned my cock between her legs and started to work it up
into her tight, wet pussy.
 But when I do finally fuck your ass, Wednesday, I m going
to do it a lot. And sometimes I m going to do it just like this,
right against the wall, so you have nowhere to go. No way to get
away. And you re just going to take it, aren t you?
 Yes, Daniel, she sighed.
 Yes. Because I know you, Wednesday. I know what you
I thrust inside her again, hard, lifting her toes from the floor.
 But for now, I m going to fuck your tight little cunt. Because
that s what I want to do right now.
She sobbed, moving restlessly back against me, her sore ass
cheeks buffeted again and again by my hard thrusts.
 Keep your hands over your head. Don t move them. I
promise you ll regret it, if you move them.
She shook her head, but her hands clenched and unclenched
against the wall. I fucked her hard and steady, then reached
down to part her and stroke her clit. She was like a wild creature
under me, trapped against the wall, trying to get free. She felt
electric, gasping and moaning and crying out.
 Do you want to come, Wednesday? I asked, pinching her
nipples. That was all it took. Her fists pounded the wall, and I
grasped her hips hard, basking in the feeling of her pussy
clenching and coming around my dick.
Oh, yes, it was so fun to fuck her. There was nothing like the
feeling of her going crazy under me, groaning and pleading from
the touch of my fingertips. Afterwards, I had to pick her up to
keep her from falling. Her legs were still shaky as I laid her on
Owning Wednesday
the bed, and I pulled her close to me, soothing her, brushing back
her curls. She looked wild and satisfied, like some ancient queen.
 Are you okay? I asked after we d both caught our breath.
 Yes, she hummed, cuddling closer.  I m fine.
 What did you learn tonight, Wednesday?
 I learned you can cook a hell of a steak.
I laughed softly.  Okay. What else?
 That you spank even harder when you re angry, and you re
going to fuck my ass soon.
 It couldn t be soon enough for you.
She was quiet, blushing charmingly. Oh, nice try, you little
perv, with the blushing act...
 And when are you going to go out with me again? I
pressed.  In two weeks again, or just a few days?
 A few days, she said.  I ll try.
 Don t just try. Do. You can t be too busy for me. I m your
dominant and you re my submissive. We should have set up
regular hours by now.
 I know, Daniel. But you did say we could take things
Damn it. I might have.
 We have taken things slowly, I reminded her.  It s been a
month now. Over a month.
 I know.
We lay together another minute, and I knew she d be fast
asleep soon. I traced a pink garter strap from her hip to the top of
her thigh.
 Wednesday, are you really mine?
She looked at me then, a look I didn t quite know. Suspicion,
maybe. Or fear.
 Why is that so important to you, Daniel? To own me?
Good question. I wish I knew.
10. Love
I was woken up Saturday morning by a delivery, a gift from
Daniel. I slowly opened the box, and then stifled a smile. As if I
needed a reminder. Where the hell did he find a toy like this in
pink? Jesus, he probably had them in every color. I was already
getting warm between the legs. There was a note.
I ll be there at seven. You d better be wearing this.
I sighed and bit my lip. What a pervert he was. But yes, it
would be my pleasure to wear it. Dinner, before dessert.
It had been a week since I d seen him. He still felt it was too
long, but I felt it was too soon. I completely lost myself when I
was with him, and each time I left him, it was a while before I
could go back. The same thing had happened with Vincent, and I
was so awfully afraid of it happening again, because it was hard
enough when Vincent had left me. If Daniel left me, I d never
Even the times he was only angry with me, I was beside
myself. I already needed his approval far more than I liked. I had
tried to be so careful, to hold myself just far enough away from
him, but I was failing miserably. He made it really, really hard.
When he came to the door at seven, I was dressed and ready
to go, and I had his toy in my ass just as he d said. He knew I did
too, from the expression on his face. Instead of guiding me out
Owning Wednesday
the door, he pushed me inside. Thank God, I thought as his arms
came around me. He kissed me, hard, deep, passionately,
crushing me to him. His hands drew up my dress and first found
the toy, and then the hot wetness between my legs. He made a
sound in his throat that scared me a little.
 Take your clothes off. Every fucking stitch. Take everything
I obeyed him as quickly as I could, before he started ripping
stuff off. He took everything off me, even my bra and stockings,
until I stood before him completely naked, breathless and
 I m going to fuck you now, Wednesday. And it s not going
to be in your hot little cunt.
I swallowed hard. I felt all shivery and I stood and watched as
he too shucked all his clothes. God, he was hard, jutting in front
of me. I knew he wouldn t hurt me, but he looked like he really,
absolutely could.
 Come here, he ordered, and he guided me to the side of my
bed. I felt naked somehow without the lingerie I usually wore. I
think he wanted me that way at that moment, totally naked,
totally defenseless and given up to him.
He bent me over, pushing down on my shoulders, and started
to nudge my legs apart. I stiffened a little, but he tsked and said,
 Wider. Open your legs for me, now, and so I did.
He took the toy out, and I heard the rattle of the condom
wrapper, and felt the cool lube against my ass.  I m a big man,
Wednesday, he warned.  You re going to have to let me in.
 Yes, Daniel, I sighed. Yes, yes, yes.
He paused and rubbed the small of my back. I was weak in
the legs, remembering another time he d taken my ass. That
time, I d already been stretched by a larger toy than the pink one,
and even then, it had hurt a little bit. But I wanted it, I craved it,
the conquering pain.
 I ve been dreaming of doing this to you all week now, he
growled softly.
 I ve been dreaming of it too.
10. Love
 Have you? he said, pressing lightly to me so I flinched a
little.  You re not afraid, are you?
 No, I m not afraid.
 You want me? You want me to fuck your ass? What if it
hurts? What if I hurt you, baby?
I moaned softly.  You can hurt me if you want.
He started to ease in to me. God, it felt so huge. So
frightening. So good.
 I don t want to hurt you.
 God, please. Please!
 Please what? he asked, breathing against my ear.  Please
fuck your ass?
Oh, Jesus, yes, please...
 Say it to me, Wednesday. Tell me what you want.
 Please, Daniel, I begged.  Please fuck me.
 Please, Daniel, fuck my ass, he prompted me.
 Please, Daniel, fuck my ass. Please!
I was pressing against the bed trying to relieve the pressure in
my clit, but he wouldn t let me. He pulled me back against him
with a low chuckle, teasing me with his cock. He was an [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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