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didn t reach his eyes.  You see, it was different for him. Neither of
his parents had the affliction. When it hit him at fifteen, he had no
one to turn to, so he ran away, took off into the woods and stayed
there, living off what he could hunt. He was truly wild, truly
connected to the animal side of him. Befriending him was the only
thing that brought him this close to society. And it took him a long
time to get him this far.
She crossed her arms over her chest and frowned.  So, what
aren t you telling me?
 That James and I& our illness isn t really an illness at all.
It s an ability. A dual life. We re shifters.
She narrowed her eyes, glaring.  I don t know what that
 Shape shifters. We can take on another form if we choose
to. I don t tend to. As I said, I keep that side of me hidden. But to
James, being human is what he tends to hide.
The clock ticked and ticked until she thought it was tapping
at her brain. There was no doubt about it. She d slipped into some
whacky version of The X-Files. Sherri pushed up from the couch
and went to the kitchen to grab her purse and car keys.
 You re leaving then? he asked.
She gave him a pointed glare.  You re nuts. You and your
crazy partner-friend-whatever the hell he is, are completely off this
plane. I can t believe what you just told me. It s crazy. You re
He stood, grimacing, and took hold of his shirt, pulling it
over his head. He kicked off his shoes and took down his pants and
underwear.  Let me show you.
 No. She held up a hand to stop him.  No!
He got down on his hands and knees and raised his head to
watch her reaction as she backed to the front door, escaping. Her
hand clasped the doorknob, and clenched. His face changed before
her eyes, elongating. His limbs were shortening. His shape shifted,
and then came clear. Not a man. The white wolf standing there on
the carpet watched her with amber-brown yes. It lowered its head
and whined, ears back.
She turned the handle and spilled out onto the cement patio.
Her heart slammed inside her chest. It was difficult to breathe right
then. Everything in her purse scattered across the ground. The wolf
sauntered toward her and nuzzled her cheek with a cold, wet nose.
She sucked in a breath. Sherri pushed the animal away and
scrambled to grab up her belongings, tears stinging her eyes.  I ve
lost my mind, she said to herself. It was the only plausible
explanation.  I ve gone and lost it. She shoved everything back
into her purse and hurried to stand. Her sanctuary had become a
The wolf sat on its haunches, head cocked to one side. It
whined again, this time louder, more urgent.
She turned her back on it and sprinted to her car. Safe inside,
she shoved the key in the ignition, her eyes fixed on the animal. It
hadn t moved, hadn t chased. The wolf stood there by the open
door, looking forlorn and lost.
Sherri turned the key.
The wolf lowered its head, ears pricked now. Waiting.
She shook her head no and backed out across the gravel
drive. She turned her car slowly, afraid whatever delusions she was
suffering from might cause her to have an accident.  Careful, she
whispered.  You re imagining this. It s shock. Shock over Roger.
Stupid, stupid Roger. And all of a sudden Roger didn t seem that
bad. Going back wasn t impossible now. In fact, it seemed like the
most logical thing to do.
She drove along the road keeping her eyes straight ahead.
Avoiding the rear view mirror took effort. If she looked there she
might see something she didn t want to see. A wolf running along
the road chasing her. Maybe two wolves if what David had said
was actually true. But it couldn t be real.
 It s not. Not real. It s ridiculous.
She applied more pressure to the gas pedal, leaving those
two men behind.
Chapter Nine
She parked in the drive and stared at the house, her hands
fastened tight to the steering wheel. Sherri knew Roger wasn t
home. She knew this was her chance to do one of two things. Take
revenge by trashing the house and taking back all her things or stay
there and wait for his sorry ass to get off work. Maybe they could
work things out. She guessed with time, she might be able to
forgive him. Of course, she wasn t sure she wanted to do either.
Leaving had felt so final.
So she waited and stared at the bird of paradise bushes as
their yellow and orange flowers swayed in the late afternoon
breeze. The sun would set in a couple of hours. If he didn t come
home, she figured he d be boffing his boss at work. Anger sizzled
in her mind. Okay, forgiveness is out.
Her cell rang. She was amazed it had survived the fall at
David s house. She fished it out of her purse and looked at the
 Mom. She pressed the button to answer.
 Hello, Mom.
 Hi baby. You okay?
 Yeah. No. Um. Not really. I left Roger. I came home and
caught him in bed with his boss. In our bed.
There was a cool silence for a long time followed by a
disappointed sigh.  Baby, I know. He called me yesterday and told
me what happened.
Incredulous, Sherri had to ask.  What s his excuse?
 He said it was a mistake. A stupid mistake that he regrets.
He wants you back, if you ll have him. He knows it ll take time for
you to forgive him.
 Ha. She couldn t believe this. He d actually called her
mother and told her? The guy was either a complete idiot or he
really did feel bad about it.
 What are you going to do?
 I um, I don t know. I stayed with friends last night, but I
can t go back there. Not now. I think I need to get on my feet by
myself this time.
 Mm hmm. I understand.
 What do you think, Mom?
 What do I think& ? She was quiet again while she thought
over her answer.  I think I don t want you to end up like me. I had [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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