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Frankie frowned.
 What, caro?
 You ve never& and you want me to& fuck, Frankie, I don t know
if I can.
 You can, Jay. We both want this. I want you to be the first.
 Who s going to be the second? Jay asked sharply.
 You are, Frankie snapped.  Fuck, Jay, how many times do I
have to tell you? I only want you, and I ll only ever want you for the
rest of our lives.
 I just still don t really understand. Why me?
 I don t know quite how it works, Jay. I just know that we re
kinda made for each other. Frankie knelt up and shifted over,
reaching for the lube he kept in his bedside table.
 What s that?
 It s what helps it not to hurt. He squeezed some lube onto his
Rogue 97
fingers and crawled back over Jay s body, supporting his weight on
his knees and one hand as he reached back, sliding his slick fingers
down the crease of his ass.
Jay s breath hitched.  What are you doing? he gasped, hands
coming up to skitter nervously down Frankie s sides.
Frankie shivered and pushed one finger slowly into his body.
 I m, uh, fuck, he said with a groan. Jay s hand slid down over his
hardening cock and balls, and his fingertips traced round the entrance
to his body and up along his finger.
 Why are you& 
 Preparation, Frankie whispered, breathing in deeply, then out as
he pushed a second finger inside himself. He felt full and
uncomfortable, and the stretch burned a little, but he wanted his mate
inside him so badly, it was all he could think about.
 Oh fuck, Frankie, Jay breathed, staring up at him wide-eyed.
The rogue stroked over Frankie s fingers as Frankie thrust them in and
out of himself and reached for the lube with his other hand, squeezing
some onto his fingers.
 I want, I want to do it, Jay whispered, lifting up to kiss him
 God, yes, please. Frankie eased his fingers free with a grunt and
spread his legs wider, leaning down to kiss his lover. He moaned his
encouragement as Jay s fingers touched him tentatively, circling his
hole slowly, almost tickling him.
 Please, Frankie groaned.  I need you to stretch me out so you
can fuck me.
Jay pushed into him with two fingers, and Frankie gasped at the
sudden stretch, eyelids fluttering with the edge of pain that somehow
made him want more.
 Oh God, please, Jay, he said, nipping at his lover s lip for a taste
of his blood.  More.
A third finger pushed at his hole, and Frankie cried out as he was
stretched even wider, the burn spreading through him.
98 Teya Martin
 Frankie! Jay s voice was full of fear, and Frankie looked down.
 I m okay. I m oh fuck, he gasped, a shock of pleasure jolting
through his body.  Oh fuck, do that again.
 Do what? Jay whispered breathlessly, his eyes dark with lust as
he stared up at him.
 Prostate, press down. Fuck, I knew it had to be good, but I didn t
know it was so amazing, Frankie gasped, rocking his hips back
against the thrusts of fingers into his body. Jay pressed harder and
Frankie bucked into him, cock jerking helplessly as another wave of
pleasure consumed him.  Yes, oh fuck, I need you, Jay. I need you
inside me so bad.
Jay nodded and kissed him again, easing his fingers from his
 What do I I want to see your face, Frankie.
 Me, too, caro. Frankie rolled over onto the bed and spread his
legs. He reached down to palm his erection as he watched his mate
squirt more lube into his hand and spread it carefully over his cock.
 Oh, Frankie, Jay whispered, moving to kneel between his legs.
 I want you.
 You have me. Frankie beckoned to his lover and lifted both
hands to grasp his hips, drawing him over his body and guiding his
cock between the cheeks of his ass.  Now take me.
Jay groaned and pushed into him, a slow slide of silken hardness
that stretched him intensely and filled him with heated pleasure.
 Fuck, oh fuck, Frankie moaned, arching his hips up and putting
his arms round Jay s waist. He d never felt anything more amazing in
his life, beyond the slight pain, the burn and the intensity. He felt
complete at last, the hole in his heart repaired and soul filled.
 You okay? Jay whispered, sounding a little frantic.
 Oh yes, so very okay, Frankie said, wrapping his legs round his
mate s hips and rocking up to pull Jay all the way inside him.
 Fuck, Frankie, you feel so good. This feels so good! Jay pulled
back and thrust into him again and Frankie cried out, the burn turning
Rogue 99
into a sensation of warmth that made his cock throb and leak pre-cum
onto his stomach.
 Yes, yes, so fucking good, Frankie gasped. He pulled his mate
into a hard kiss as they started to move together, hips rocking into
each other faster. The length of Jay s cock inside him felt so good, the
slide out making his eyelids flutter with sensation, and every thrust
into him slammed pleasure through his whole body. His constant cries
were muffled by Jay s mouth, their tongues tangled and torn on their
teeth to share blood between them. It was too good. He had to come.
His groin ached with the need to come. He pushed a hand between
them and grasped his cock tightly, stroking hard and fast as he thrust
up against his lover, trying to get Jay to fuck him harder.
With a gasp, Jay pushed up, panting as he stared down at Frankie,
and slammed into his body over and over.
 Want to see you come, Jay whispered. Frankie groaned,
overwhelmed with heat and pleasure.
 Fuck yes, Jay! Frankie cried out, hips arching into the stroke as
he came and jerked, holding onto his mate almost desperately.  Come
with me, caro, please. Come in me.
 Ah fuck, Frankie! Jay hunched over him, hips jerking into him,
and suddenly, Frankie was filled with liquid warmth. He wrapped his
arms round his mate as Jay collapsed on top of him, and bit back the
urge to tell him that he loved him.
 Thank you, Jay whispered, kissing his neck gently. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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