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dragged by the new body (the Earth), which is where all of its powers and principles of
life have been passed by transfusion. It is condemned to be in pursuit of the Earth
throughout many ages. The Moon looks like a satellite, but it is a mother which rotates
around its daughter (the Earth).
I lived among the Lunar humanity. I knew its seven Root Races, its epochs of civilization
and barbarism, its alternating cycles of evolution and involution.
Magic Runes Samael Aun Weor
When the Selenites arrived to the sixth Sub-Race of the Fourth Round (the same age to
which this Terrestrial humanity has already reached) I accomplished a similar mission to
the one which I am accomplishing in these moments on the planet in which we live.
I taught to the people of the Moon the Synthesis-Religion, which is contained within the
Initiatic Stone (the sex), the doctrine of Jano (I.A.O.) or the doctrine of the Jinns.
I lit the flame of Gnosis among the Selenites, I formed a Gnostic Movement there. Thus,
I sowed the seed... and as I sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the mundane
fowls of the air devoured them.
Some seeds fell upon rocks of discussions, theories and anxieties, where there did not
exist profound and reflective people. As soon as they sprung up, they withered away
before the light of the sun, for they did not pass the ordeal of fire, as they did not have
Some fell among the thorns of brothers and sisters who hurt each other with their thorns
of slander and gossip, etc. So, the thorns sprang up with the seeds, and choked them.
Fortunately, my labour as a sower was not in vain, since some seeds fell on good ground,
and sprang up, and bore fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.
Many latent faculties exist within the Devamatri, Aditi or Cosmic Space, inside the Runic
UR, within the Microcosms, Machine-Man or better if we say Intellectual Animal, that
could be developed through tremendous intimate super-efforts.
On the ancient Moon, in those times before it became a corpse, those who accepted the
Synthesis- Religion of Jano, became saved and they transformed themselves into Angels.
Nevertheless, the great majority, those who were enemies of the Maithuna, those who
rejected the Initiatic Stone (the sex), converted themselves into Lucifers, terribly perverse
demons which the Bible refers to.
As usual, a third party is never missing... so, in that Lunar Apocalypse, a certain cold
group at last became fiery, and they accepted the work in the Ninth Sphere (the sex). A
new abode was granted to these people, in order for them to work with the Brute Stone
until giving it perfect cubic form.
 The stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, and
stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense. (Peter I, 2:7-8)
In those times the Selenites had a dreadful sanguinary religion. The Pontiff of such a cult,
sentenced me with the death penalty, and I was crucified upon the summit of a mountain
close to a great city.
The transference of all the vital powers of the Moon to this planet Earth left that old
Selenite abode without life. Therefore, the Lunar-Soul is now reincarnated in this world
upon which we live.
Magic Runes Samael Aun Weor
I was absorbed within the Absolute at the end of that Lunar Mahamanvantara which
endured 311,040,000,000,000 years, or, in other words, an age of Brahma.
It is indispensable to say that after the Great Day, the Monadic waves of the m
submerged themselves within the Runic UR, within the profound womb of the Eternal
Mother Space.
It is urgent to affirm that during such Maha-Samadhi (Ecstasy without end), we (the
Monadic waves) penetrated much more deeply, and thus, we arrived to the Father,
Brahma, the Universal Spirit of Life.
It is necessary to clarify that Brahma submerged himself into the Absolute during the
whole period of the Maha-Pralaya, the Great Night.
While we, the Brethren were in that tremendous Para-Nirvanic repose, the Unknown
Darkness converted itself into Uncreated Light for us.
UHR is the clock, the time measurement, thus, the Mahamanvantara RHU is the repose,
the Great Pralaya.
Certainly, the Cosmic Night endures as much as the Great Day. It is my duty to affirm
that each one of us, the Brethren, was radically absorbed within his own primordial atom,
the Am Soph.
Therefore, when the dawn of the new Cosmic Day is initiated, the Eternal Mother-Space
widens herself from inside towards the outer like a lotus bud. Thus, this is how the
universe is gestated inside the womb of PRAKRITI.
Loving our Divine Mother and thinking in that great womb where the worlds are
gestated, let us pray daily as follows:
Within my internal real Being resides the Divine Light, RAAAAAMMMMM
IIIIIIIIOOOOOOO is the Mother of my Being, Devi Kundalini, RAAAAMMMM
illuminate me.
RAAAAAAMMMMM IIIIIIIIIOOOOOOO, Divine Mother of mine, Isis of mine, Thou
hast the child Horus, my true Being, in thy arms. I need to die within my self so that my
Essence might be lost in Him...Him. ..Him...
Magic Runes Samael Aun Weor
This prayer must be performed before the sun, with raised arms and hands. The legs must
be opened, and the body slightly crouched, thus awaiting to receive Light and more
Magic Runes Samael Aun Weor
Old traditions which are lost in the night of the centuries, say that the Chinese Master
Meng Shan knew the science of meditation before the age of twenty.
It is stated by the yellow skinned Mystics that from such an age until thirty-two, the cited
Master was studying with the Eighteen Elders.
Certainly, it is interesting, pleasant and worthwhile to know that this great illuminated
one was studying with infinite humbleness at the feet of the venerable elder Wan Shan,
who taught him how to intelligently utilize the powerful mantra WU. This mantra is
pronounced like a double U, and wisely imitates the howl or sound of the hurricane when
blowing within the rifts of the mountains.
This brother could never forget the state of alert perception and alert novelty, which are
so indispensable and so urgent for the awakening of the consciousness.
The venerable elder Guru Wan Shan told him that during the twelve hours of the day, it is
necessary to be alert like a cat which is lurking for a mouse, or like a hen which is
brooding on her eggs. They do this without abandoning their duty, not even for a second.
Therefore, in these studies mere efforts are not worthy, only super-efforts are so. Since
we are not illuminated, we must work without rest, like a mouse which is gnawing on a
sarcophagus. If we practice in this manner, we will finally be liberated from the mind and
we will experience in a direct way that element which radically transforms, that element
which is the Truth.
One given day, after eighteen days and nights of profound interior meditation, Meng
Shan sat down in order to drink tea, and then.. .(oh marvel!) he comprehended the
intimate sense of a certain gesture of the Buddha showing a flower, and the deep
significance of Mahakasyapa with his unforgettable exotic smile.
He then questioned three or four elders about such a mystic experience, but they kept
silent. Other elders told him to identify such a living esoteric experience with the
Samadhi, the Seal of the Ocean. Naturally, this wise advise inspired complete confidence
in himself.
Meng Shan was triumphantly advancing in his studies, nonetheless, in life not everything
comes up roses, there are also thorns. So, in the month of July, during the fifth year of [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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